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Xtreme ARF F-16

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Xtreme ARF F-16
Xtreme ARF F-16

Xtreme ARF F-16

Fuselage Length: 94.5" 2400 mm
Wing Span: 65" 1650 mm
Power Plant: 28 to 40 Lb (13 to 18 Kg)
Radio Control: 12 channels 11 Servos

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is built utilizing advanced composites, forms, ribs, control board and turbine housing are constructed in Carbon Fiber.
Each model are serialized from the beginning to the end for a single customer and it will be shipped with the QC form indicating step by step all the building phases that the plane has undergone, resulting in the final approval and released from the QC department.
Accessories are included on this jet like, undercarriage, air valves, airlines, connectors, bypass etc...
Landing gear, wheels and brakes, doors, and other major components are professionally installed for you.
Spare parts and touch-ups will be sent with the model.
Our RTF package is:
1. Color scheme of your choice
2. Scale Landing Gear
3. Air system kit (tanks, valves, lines, connectors, etc...)
4. Gear Doors
5. Speed Brakes
6. Operational Canopy
7. Scale Cockpit
8. Factory installation
9. Carbon Fiber Forms, Ribs, etc...

You also will receive spare parts for free that includes:

1. Touch up paint.
2. one set of tires
3. one hatch latch
4. four ball links
5. one package of offset hinges
6. one package of screws and nuts for doors
7. one extra 4 way fitting
8. one extra fuel T fitting
9. 3 extra quick disconnect
10. one full decal sheet (if you need to repair any damage you have the
decals available for it)
11. one set brakes O'rings
12. extra air cylinders O'rings

Please call for Shipping Pricing

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Price: $ 4810.00
Call to Order (330-503-3160)

Item No#165
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